Which category of personal cleaning tools such as razors belong to the trademark?

Which category of personal cleaning tools such as razors belong to the trademark?
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What are the trademarks with 0810 subcategories in the eighth category of trademark assignment?

What are the trademarks with 2801 subcategories in category 28 trademark assignment? Now more and more friends choose to obtain trademarks through trademark assignment. Next, we will introduce to you which category 28 trademarks in our Bajie intellectual property rights contain 2801 small trademarks.

Subcategories contain many specific goods or services. According to the goods or services in business, first determine the large category to which you belong, and after determining the large category, you can select 10 specific goods or services in the same big category, and more than 10 goods or services will need to be paid extra.

(2) Commercial trademarks: also known as sales trademarks and promotional trademarks, refer to the trademarks used by sellers (operators) to sell goods. The focus of this trademark is to promote the mark of the seller of the goods, not the producers of the goods.

What kinds of trademarks are included? China implements the International Classification of goods and Services for Trademark Registration, which is based on the tenth edition of the Nice Classification. The categories of trademark registration are divided into 45 categories, of which 1-34 are commodity classification and 35-45 are service classification.

What are the trademarks with 2110 subcategories in the twenty-first category of trademark assignment? Now more and more friends choose to obtain trademarks through trademark assignment. Next, we will introduce to you the twenty-first category of trademarks in our Bajie intellectual property rights that contain 2110 small trademarks.

What category does the brand of dust blowing gun belong to?

1. The blowing gun can be installed successfully by gently exerting force. A 2-meter truck refers to a car with a length of 4 meters. It is a commercial vehicle designed and equipped mainly for carrying goods. Whether it can pull a trailer or not, it refers to a car mainly used to transport goods, and sometimes refers to a vehicle that can tow other vehicles. It belongs to the category of commercial vehicles.

2. First of all, the dust blowing gun can not blow dust directly on the human body, the dust blowing gun will make the dust fly everywhere, because the dust particles are attached to various harmful substances on the surface, once it enters the human body, it will cause a variety of respiratory diseases.

3. The main material of truck pipe is stainless steel SUS304, and the material of bayonet and pipe can be stainless steel or aluminized steel. Ferritic stainless steel has become the preferred material for automobile exhaust pipe. Ferritic stainless steel has low thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity, good high temperature oxidation resistance and pitting corrosion resistance under the condition of repeated heating and cooling.

4. The pneumatic dust blowing gun uses the principle of air amplification to effectively reduce the consumption of compressed air, so as to produce a strong and accurate air flow and drive the surrounding air to work together. Mainly used in some places out of hand contact, such as: narrow gap, high place, in the trachea, inside the machine parts, and so on.

Which category does the razor (non-electric) registered trademark belong to?

1. Razor (non-electric) belongs to trademark classification category 8, group 0806. According to the statistics of road sign network, there are 45 registered razor (non-electric) trademarks.

2. Scissors. Belongs to the trademark classification category 8 0810 group; through the road sign network statistics, registered scissors. The number of trademarks reached 223.

3. Trademark registration category 1-45 category details category 1: chemical raw materials. Includes chemicals used in industry, science and agriculture, including chemicals used in the manufacture of products belonging to other categories; category II: pigment paints. Including pigments, beam materials and anticorrosive products; the third category: daily chemical products.

4. Which category does the nail Clipper belong to in the trademark classification? In trademark classification, nail Clippers belong to the eighth category of 45 trademark categories, namely hand tools, knives, forks and spoons. These include: hand tools and utensils (manual); knives, forks and spoons; portable weapons; razors. In category 8, nail Clippers belong to 0806 of them.

What is the category of trademark registration for electrical appliances?

1. Electrical appliances belong to trademark classification category 9, group 0916; according to the statistics of the road sign network, there are 41 trademarks of registered electrical appliances.

2. Household appliances belong to the seventh category of trademark classification, group 0709. According to the statistics of the road sign network, there are 195 registered trademarks of household appliances.

3. Legal subjectivity: there are 45 categories of trademark registration. Category 1 is used in industry, science, photography, agriculture, horticulture, forest chemicals, raw synthetic resins, raw plastic materials, fertilizers, fire extinguishing compounds, quenching and metal welding preparations, and food preservation chemicals.

4. Category 21 is uncharged cooking utensils, such as pressure cookers, although they are not necessarily regarded as "small household appliances". However, the function of trademark registration has two aspects, one is to protect itself, or to prevent infringement by others. If class 21 is registered by him, it is very likely to be confused, so class 21 usually needs to consider registration.