Why are the barbers in the barber shop not very skilled?

Why are the barbers in the barber shop not very skilled?
Jun 09, 2023admin

Why do barber shops dare to charge fees and are not very skilled nowadays?

1. Because the price of dyeing and perming is usually high, so the barber can get a higher commission. Some barbers are very cheated and will cheat customers according to their spending power.

2. The same is true. Highly skilled artists should be involved in personalized chemistry. It is necessary to have a haircut according to the customer's style.

3. First, the cost of the store is relatively high. Generally, the barber shop is on the first floor, and it is near or even inside the shopping mall with a large flow of people. Second, the decoration of the barber shop is generally better, and the cost of decoration is high. Apart from these two, barber shops that are relatively remote or decorated in a bad environment will not charge very high fees.

Is there really a big difference in hairstyles cut by barbers at different prices? Why?

There are many factors that make a hairstyle good or bad: the skill of the stylist, the mood of the stylist, the quality of the customer's hair, the match between the customer's face and the hairstyle, etc., so the success of the hairstyle is really not determined by the price. Sometimes you really need to try your luck.

There is a difference, the price of raw materials for hair dyeing and perming is high and high, while for haircuts, the barber's skill is high and low.

For better or worse, it is valuable for hairstylists to use more than 200. Especially for cold ironing and scalding, there is a great difference in operation flow and technical difficulty. The price is also very different, but the effect of the hairstyle is also very similar. Only those who have actually experienced it know how different the two are.

What if the haircut is not good?

This is why many people think that barbers are generally unskilled. If you find the right person in the right shop, your hairstyle must be stylish and gorgeous. You have to find someone who is not good at perming your hair to perm your hair, it is great to be able to perm your hair, so it is not that the general level is not good, but that you have not found the right person.

What to do? first of all, before you get a haircut, communicate with the barber to explain your needs and ideas. If it's not ideal, you might as well change your barber or barber shop until you're satisfied. How? If you agree, please accept it. Thank you.

It is absolutely necessary to continue to study and practice in class. although it is difficult to have the strength to practice or attend class after a day's work, you should find a way to lighten your work burden and be good at allocating your time. Grasp the opportunity to learn in order to become an all-round hairstylist as soon as possible.

You can do some publicity activities, you can give a discount or dye your hair or something to strengthen your professional level.

Such being the case, there is no way but to keep the hair long, and then find a reliable barber to trim the styling, so we can only adjust the mentality to face the reality.

There is no skill that cannot be learned. As long as you have confidence and stick to the word "serious", you can learn it. Can regard the technology as a "black box", to reach into the hand boldly (bold practice), touch what, seriously study what this is, figure out what these are, and the technology will be mastered.

Must the technology of a small barbershop not work?

1. It is normal for a small shop master to be big. As long as there are many customers, you can't check the store.

2. If it is a third-tier city, the price can be a relatively remote Lane shop with poor decoration and facade, but the technical level is not necessarily very low. It is even more reliable than the technology of some famous shops with luxurious decoration and neon lights.

3. Shampoo and shampoo in most barbershops are not very good brands. The seemingly high-end shampoos in the barbershop all printed in English will make many consumers think they are very classy, but in fact they are just shampoos produced by some small manufacturers.

4. In principle, there is not much difference. Because even the largest barber shop has apprentices and hair stylist assistants, they are not long-term customers of the shop. Unskilled things like nursing are done by apprentices and hair stylist assistants. On the other hand, it may not be as good as a small shop that has been operating for a long time.

Many girls complain about the poor craftsmanship of barbers. Why do barbers seldom see women?

There are many reasons, it can only be said that the selectivity of the market is very large, so that there are fewer and fewer female barbers in this industry. Netizens guess that there is another possibility that most men may be better aesthetically, especially in styling for women, which is more popular with female customers.

There are many reasons for this, the hairdressing industry in the market recognition has not been high, social status is also relatively low. In the eyes of many people, the little sister of the hair salon is indecent and has been criticized by everyone. So many girls who want to study hairdressing, their families feel that a bad reputation is not acceptable.

I think there are two reasons. The first is because hair dye is bad for women's health, and the second is because most of the customers who go to the barbershop are women, and the opposite sex attracts each other. If the hairstylist is a boy, it will be more pleasant to get along with each other during the haircut.

Because of getting married and having children, many women temporarily quit or stop working as barbers, which is very common in the industry. Lin Jie, 20, began to study hairdressing after graduating from junior high school. After working as a barber for six years, he has seen only a handful of young female barbers. He studied in the vocational high school hairdressing class, a total of more than 30 students, only four girls.

What are the pitfalls in a haircut?

1. The shampoo and shampoo in most barbershops are actually not very good brands. The seemingly high-end shampoos in the barbershop all printed in English will make many consumers think they are very classy, but in fact they are just shampoos produced by some small manufacturers.

2. Second, the trap of issuing cards and inducing consumption. Whether in the school barber shop or outside the barber shop, most of them will have the business of issuing cards and becoming members.

3, the barber shop "pit" and need to pay attention to a lot of things, the following are some common: price: before the barber shop barber, you should ask the haircut price in advance. Some merchants may cheat on the price in order to make high profits.

4, the vast majority of people have been cheated by the barber shop, especially before the Spring Festival, all kinds of tricks to do their hair numerous.