Five minefields for hairdressers

Five minefields for hairdressers
Dec 23, 2022admin

Five minefields to open a hairdressing salon in China

Today, the editor will share with you what hairdressers have that hairdressing shop owners cannot implement. If you accidentally arrive at a minefield, then you need to keep an eye out.

First, prohibit illegal operations

In order to serve customers a one-stop service, in addition to doing hairdressing, there will be some beauty and nail projects, which are no problem, but some hairdressing shops in order to bring more customers, secretly also declare that the store has medical beauty projects, some small micro-rectification, these are illegal, especially those without a license, without a doctor's qualification certificate is even more illegal. These medical beauty projects cannot even operate beauty shops that are not medical institutions, let alone hairdressers

Five minefields to open a hairdressing salon in China

Second, the sale of three no products to obtain high profits

You can often see on TV that a certain factory illegally produces cosmetics, uses low-cost and inferior materials instead of raw materials, illegally adds prohibited substances in order to achieve the effect, and some do not have a business license. They were all exposed, and those who violated the law only fined the money and continued to do these things. These three-nil products are still sold to the market, and some bosses buy these products at low prices and sell them to customers at high prices. These are all things that affect customer safety.

Third, false and exaggerated propaganda

Some employees convince consumers that the product does have this effect. In the expression, will use special effects, efficient, powerful, quick effect these words to promote to customers, familiar with these are explicitly prohibited terms "Cosmetics Advertising Management Measures", obviously did not change the effect but to declare. Some are suggestive and misleading customers.

Fourth, the health license expires, and the employee does not have a health certificate

Some hairdressing shops are troublesome, knowing that the health permit has expired, but do not apply for it, always thinking that there will be no trouble, there is a fluke mentality, but luck is so back, it was found out by the relevant departments, and it is said that it is being processed, and people sometimes have to wait until the moment of need to act. When asked if the employees had any health certificates, the employees said that our boss did not ask for this, and they did not know that this was a sign of irresponsibility to consumers.

Five minefields to open a hairdressing salon in China

V. False invoicing

We all know that places that can issue invoices need to pay taxes to the state. Some stores refused to invoice for these taxes, and they always said I was a small shop and didn't need them. However, they did not know that in addition to protecting national tax revenue, invoicing is also a proof of consumer rights protection. When consumers encounter trouble and want to use legal channels to protect their rights, they have nowhere to defend their rights.

The above points shared by the editor with you I don't know if the boss accidentally stepped on the minefield, pay attention.