What hairdressers should pay attention to in hairdressers

What hairdressers should pay attention to in hairdressers
Dec 23, 2022admin

What hairdressers should pay attention to in hairdressers

The operation of a hairdressing shop, in addition to the manager's management ability, sometimes the hairdresser's service also plays a decisive factor. Today, I will popularize it for everyone!

First, don't oversell for the sake of performance

We can often see that when you go to a hairdressing shop to do a hairstyle, some hairdressers will desperately sell you the most expensive products for the sake of performance, and the more expensive the better it is to capture the hearts of most consumers. Just like that, I simply cut my hair, but I was fooled by hundreds of dollars or more. Hairdressers do not really understand customer needs, once or twice after a long time, they will make customers feel disgusted, scare away customers, and even do not respond to small advertisements received on the street, thinking that they are all pitting people's money.

What hairdressers should pay attention to in hairdressers

Second, do not inquire about customers' private affairs

Some hairdressers and old customers are familiar with each other, every time customers come to the hairdressing shop to cut their hair, they will chat in full swing, talk about everything, talk about home, life, work, family and children. But sometimes don't be too curious about the customer's personal affairs, unless the customer brings it up himself. As the saying goes, curiosity kills cats. We just need to be the best listeners and respond appropriately.

Third, do not ignore customers

Some hairdressers when cutting customers' hair, while working, but also chatting with the hairdresser next door, although this hairdresser is full of experience and will not make mistakes, but it is very disrespectful to customers, ignoring the existence of customers, which is a very bad practice and rude to customers. Make customers feel neglected and not valued.

Fourth, do not work with emotions

Everyone has their own troubles, and hairdressers also have their own troubles. It is inevitable to encounter unpleasant things in life or work, and it is common for people to feel bad, but you cannot work with private emotions. Your emotions, customers actually look at the eyes, originally wanted to cut your hair, but saw your face tense and unhappy, feel that you will vent to the customer's hair at any time, and then the customer experience will be reduced.

What hairdressers should pay attention to in hairdressers

Fifth, don't force customers

When the hairdresser sells the package to the customer, the front is a big push, the mouth is dry, but finally get a sentence from the customer I consider again, or directly refuse, of course, the former has expectations than the latter, but don't keep lobbying customers, so that customers have a feeling of being forced, once or twice, the next time the customer will not be easily deceived. Customers will also be uncomfortable, after all, real business is based on your will.

Today, the editor is only a small part, and more precautions need to be discovered by everyone in their daily work. After all, we need to have a pair of eyes that will find problems and find problems to solve them.