Hair salon decoration attention matters

Hair salon decoration attention matters
Mar 22, 2023admin
For the word trend is not necessarily only clothing stores, in fact, hairdressers can also, hairdressers as a symbol of the trend, how to design to let their hairdressers give others a sense of The Times and keep up with the modern trend, and how to design highlights here is a modern trend. The decoration design of the salon has become important to pull, after all, the salon is able to let a person improve the level of appearance of the place, so the salon in the decoration time should pay special attention to what place, pay attention to the use of wallpaper, waterproof, overall color and other aspects of the cooperation. As a representative of modern commercial decoration, some of the most need for atmospheric decoration, streamlined decoration places to do more carefully, hairdressers to put on a rather fashionable effect.
In today's times, the most used in life should be paper, paper for each industry with a variety of feasibility, why say so, because in different occasions, different places can be used. Getting the most out of wallpaper helps keep costs down, so there's a lot of versatility. And it is very useful to improve the construction period, effectively reduce the cost and play the efficient decoration effect, including the future renovation is also very convenient. Of course, it is not simply stick up, need to do the wallpaper moisture retention, as far as possible until the wallpaper is completely dry before the next step.
We must do a good job of waterproof measures in the salon. After all, the salon often needs water to flush the hair, just like the flushing area, usually the flushing area is equipped with a tile table. As for waterproof don't think that all the water is flowing down the river into the sewer pipe will not have problems, in fact, a long time of sprinkling water out, even if it does not drip also has a great impact. If the waterproof is not done well, if the time is long and suddenly a drip, I am afraid the whole ground will have to be renovated again.
Hair salon decoration style with white and black to design should be easy to match the overall color of the whole store, black brings cool style, white color is relatively simple to match, with some other decorative colors more beautiful, at night on the light is quite nice.
Finish the internal collocation of the salon, a simple talk about the appearance of the salon decoration design.
Appearance, what is appearance and what does appearance include? For example, doors, windows, walls, and door heads are all part of the appearance. Now many hairdressing shops have doors and windows framed by stainless steel or titanium plates, with large glass windows and glass doors to increase transparency. Wall surfaces come in many forms, such as raw edged marble veneer, tile veneer, etc. There are many forms and materials of the door letter, and at present, many people choose the light box embedded light, which has a good effect. The store's logo can be decorated in appropriate places.