Marketing secrets that hairdressers have to say

Marketing secrets that hairdressers have to say
Mar 22, 2023admin
Marketing secrets that hairdressers have to say!
Many people may think that hairdressers have nothing to do with marketing, in fact, on the contrary, marketing is the added value of hairdressers, why say so? Mainly because of its nature. For a hairdresser, in addition to having excellent technical support, it also needs marketing training. It is not only to exercise their own ability, but also to let customers understand their potential beauty and help them better realize their desire to become beautiful. Is it profitable to open a barbershop? As long as hairdressers can lead by example and pass on beauty through marketing, it is also a miracle.

1. Familiar with the product

For all the products of our store, you should know it well, this is the law of successful marketing. Can a person succeed if he doesn't even know the products in his store? Therefore, whether it is an operator or a hairdressing shop manager, employees should be trained in product knowledge, and through training, employees can master their basic knowledge, and summarize it to form their own marketing concepts.

2. Accurate analysis

The target of marketing is customers. Every customer's consumption situation is different, if you want to continue to understand the customer's consumption level, in addition to observing the dress, you can also use language and manners. In daily life, we divide people into many types; For customers in the hairdresser, it can also be divided into several levels. In addition, accurate analysis can promote the stable development of the store. Because for a hairdressing shop, the marketing of the hairdresser is related to the performance of the store, and the performance is directly related to the survival of the store.

3. Target customers

We know that whether it's washing hair, doing hairstyles, or trying to break the awkward atmosphere and build a trusting relationship with customers, hairstylists will take the opportunity to communicate with them. Smart hairstylists will seize this opportunity, extract their needs from the customer's words, sort out some of the customer's feedback, and can use the form of matching seats, and sell them as potential customers for a service.