How to make more profit by opening a hairdressing shop

How to make more profit by opening a hairdressing shop
Mar 21, 2023admin
The competition in today's hairdressing industry is fierce. What should we do to gain more profits and become the leader of hairdressing industry in such a fierce environment? Today Xiaobian for you to reveal how to get more profits hair salon. Hairdressers need to do this!

1. Profit determines the life and death of a shop.

Hairdressers rely on technology, service and professional knowledge to gain profits and realize value differentiation in the industry. If a business does not make money, it means that it is not needed by society and therefore has no value. In the current economic environment of the hair industry, it is no longer enough to rely on performance targets. Many hair franchise brands use revenue as internal management or performance evaluation criteria, such as membership cards and beauty treatment courses instead of revenue. Although some franchise brands not only to revenue as the goal, but to market share and the number of stores as the goal, but can from the business site from the profit degree to engage in target management is a small number of enterprises, so many franchise brands now also put forward the concept of quantity to quality, but at this stage most have not been implemented. Good management of revenue, can obtain sufficient profit, management method is relatively simple, the increase of revenue will be directly related to the increase of profit. However, most hairdressing franchises only need to maintain their performance targets, in an environment where most in-house companies have to switch from performance targets to profit targets.

2. What is profit? What can business growth hide?

2.1. What is profit?

Profit refers to the income obtained by deducting all the expenses each month, which is profit. Specifically, it refers to the income from actual labor, rather than the cash flow alone.
(1) Consumption cost: ""shampoo, dyeing and ironing products, hair conditioner"" products directly used on customers' heads.
(2) Personnel expenses: ""employee salaries, social insurance and related expenses"".
(3) Operating expenses: ""store rent, water fee, electricity fee, management fee, etc.""

2.2. Hidden problems in business growth?

(1) Personnel: Do you really need that many people in the salon? Will more people produce more value? Even successful hair stylists need to know who is an asset and who is a liability. In the future, we need to know not only the result, but also the process.
(2) Customer source: When there are fewer and fewer customers, where do the previous customers go? Why only regular customers? Stores have long been living off inheritance. With the advent of the mobile Internet era, this is an inevitable trend. The convenience brought by the Internet has made it possible to find focus online and offline, and it is still consumers and hairdressers themselves who benefit from it, because it also helps hairdressers solve some customer source problems.
(3) Technology: Is the hairdressing artwork reflected in the technical core, and is the artwork combined with the market? Are customers really satisfied? In fact, Chinese hairstylists do not lack technology, what is lacking is beauty.
(4) Marketing activities: why is the business getting worse and worse after repeated defeats? In fact, this is closely related to the comprehensive quality of the store, the comprehensive quality of the store is strong, the better the effect of the activity, and vice versa.