How to do a good job of store promotion for newcomers opening a hairdressing shop

How to do a good job of store promotion for newcomers opening a hairdressing shop
Mar 21, 2023admin

With the progress of The Times, all walks of life are booming, and the hairdressing industry also develops with the society. Many people invest in the hairdressing industry. What do we need to do when the hairdressing shop opens in the early stage? First of all, according to the customer's choice of salon standards, salon activities at the beginning of the opening should be around the following points:

1. Do a good job in store advertising:

In fact, customers are around us, but they don't know us. What method can be used to let customers know us, the simplest way is to use our usual all kinds of store advertising. Storefront advertisement is the window to reflect the comprehensive quality of a store. The sanitary condition around the store is an important factor for customers to examine the consumption environment. Never use the traditional way ""like red paper"" to put up posters, the store should always have a big pen and white wax paper, whenever a new activity or announcement needs to inform customers, you can put up in a fixed position; At the door of the store, we can let customers know some information that they are interested in, such as charging standards, service items and technical content, in order to attract customers. Store advertising is set up for the crowd, should use bright colors to attract people. Most of the content is promotional announcements and seasonal beauty knowledge. The purpose of storefront advertising is to give pedestrians a clear impression of the business content and style.

2. Attract customers:

when the salon opens, it can make use of coupons, vouchers, discount coupons, etc., and publicize hairdressing knowledge only, so that customers can constantly understand the latest hairdressing knowledge to generate interest and attract their attention.

3. When you have a good idea, you want to share it with your friends.

When you have a great hairdressing idea, why don't you share it with your friends, just because the business is yours? When opening the most need is popularity, let your friends to enjoy your discount, if she has the ability to spend, attract her to become your customers; If she has no spending power, entice her to become your publicist; If you share your business with your friends, you will gain their help and respect. Teach this to your employees, and let them create their own customers, with a generous commission policy, and you'll get good results.

4. Newspaper advertising:

In newspaper advertising, it should be noted that all the opening activities are prepared to attract customers, but the development of new customers is not our ultimate goal, our purpose is to make a profit by guiding customers to consume, so it is very important to cooperate with the consumption guidance work after the customer enters the store. The consumer psychology of customers is complex and will be affected by many factors, such as whether there are suitable business projects, the feeling of product quality, whether the product price is moderate, whether the service staff is professional, whether the store is quiet, etc.