There are also healthy ways to wash your hair!

There are also healthy ways to wash your hair!
Mar 22, 2023admin
There are also healthy ways to wash your hair!
Everyone knows that washing hair, washing hair is like eating, and not washing oil for a day is panicked. In order to maintain cleanliness, it is necessary to wash, and also to see people in a better image. Now in addition to cleaning hair, more people think about how to maintain the health of hair, and washing hair has become a science. So how to wash your hair to be healthy?

Traditional Chinese medicine recommends

1, wash hair do not wash every day, wash your head three to four times a week, washing every day not only can not protect the hair, but also may cause damage to the hair, washing the hair too often will completely wash off the sebaceous gland secretion of thorough oil, so that the hair loses its natural protective layer, which is not good for the health of the hair.
2, people who work outdoors for a long time and brain workers can appropriately increase the number of shampoos, long-term exposure to a lot of dust outside, contact with the sheets, will affect the skin or health; Mental workers use their brains for a long time, in addition to combing their hair frequently to promote blood circulation.
3, people who have the habit of washing their hair at night should change the habit of washing their hair at night, which will cause damage to the kidneys and affect sleep. Secondly, dry your hair after washing, or blow dry it with a hair dryer to ensure a clean, relaxed and healthy scalp that is conducive to growth.

Western medicine suggests

1, do it every other day, so that it is more scientific.
2. For outdoor workers or mental workers, it is correct to insist on washing hair every day due to hygiene requirements. When washing your hair, pay attention to the choice of shampoo, avoid using too alkaline shampoo, and do a good job of adding conditioner.
Shampooing is like skin care, and you can treat it the same to have healthy hair. Then first of all, we must start from the basic cleaning, complete and meticulous cleaning work can remove the substances that hinder the absorption of nutrients, and the subsequent nourishment and absorption must be very effective. Xiaobian is here to tell you the correct shampooing knowledge.
First, put the shampoo in the palm of your hand, rub and lather and then rub it on the hair, wash the hair roots to the ends, and the hair will naturally sag down, use your fingertips to gently massage the scalp, moderate pressure, back and forth several times, then wash with running mild water, do not use too hot water, it will damage the scalp tissue, but also cause excessive dryness of the scalp.
Conditioner can not be less, conditioner has the effect of protecting hair, focusing on repairing hair function, repairing damaged hair, isolating ultraviolet invasion, rubbing hair dry, 2-3 minutes to wash. After washing, comb the hair from head to end with wide teeth and wrap the hair end with a towel to fully exert the conditioner's moisturizing ingredients. Deep cleansing work, the scalp is restored to health, and hair will grow healthily