How hairdressing franchise stores maintain and after-sales customers

How hairdressing franchise stores maintain and after-sales customers
Dec 25, 2022admin

How hairdressing franchise stores maintain and after-sales customers

I believe that any barber cannot do without marketing and publicity, but in past sales activities, a large number of barbershops focused only on recruiting new customers and neglected the maintenance of existing customers. Therefore, the salon will focus on the rhetoric and discounts on the sale items or cards, causing many problems that cannot be solved in a timely and effective manner in the existing customer service, resulting in the loss of a large number of existing customers.

So the question is, is it enough to pay attention to the maintenance of old customers? Of course not enough! In order to maintain sales, salons must constantly add "new customers", etc. This is the famous funnel principle. A hair salon can lose 50 customers a week and gain 50 customers at the same time. On the surface, performance is not affected. In fact, the cost of publicity, promotions, etc. to win these new customers is obviously much more expensive than retaining old customers. Considering the degree of return on investment, it is not economical. Therefore, the "funnel" principle, as the guiding ideology for the development of salon marketing strategy, only adapts to the traditional business concept and technical concept and the era dominated by marketing concepts. In the buyer's market, the salon business is becoming more homogeneous. At the same time, with the development of beauty technology, the life cycle of new salon projects is getting shorter and shorter. The marketing strategies and tactics launched by many salons are also very similar. Consumers have become quite rational. Therefore, it is necessary to provide customers with maintenance and after-sales service. This is very necessary.

How hairdressing franchise stores maintain and after-sales customers

1, do not embarrass customers

Pitching projects must be time-sensitive. The period is not good, and good projects will also be ruined. When customers have difficulties, we must be considerate of others and do not make customers embarrassed. For example, if he is doing something, and he thinks that it will be inappropriate or impossible to do so, you should immediately stop your request and tell him that you are very grateful to him no matter what. Your empathy will make him feel sorry and even guilty, and he will not forget to compensate you next time he has the opportunity. Of course, in addition to maintaining customers, what is more important is how to acquire new customers.

2, think about customers

We must pursue a win-win situation when we do service with customers, especially so that customers can also beautifully feel the benefits of the project you recommend. We work for the salon, we want to make our own performance, and the customer, as the person who spends money to buy services, he also hopes that the money he spends can get value-added services.

Therefore, when we promote projects, we should pay attention not to sell customers useless or unwanted things or items to him, and do not let customers spend excess money, appropriately reduce unnecessary expenses for customers.

3. Respect customers

Everyone needs respect and needs to be recognized by others.

We must be grateful for the cooperation of our customers and express your gratitude to them. For the customer's refusal or even rudeness, show your tolerance, not blame, and immediately discuss together to find a remedy and solution. This way, your customers will identify with you from the bottom of their hearts.

4. Abide by the principles

A person who abides by the principles will win the respect and trust of customers the most.

Because customers also know that satisfying a need is not unconditional, but must be satisfied under certain principles. Only in this way can customers have reason to believe that you also follow certain principles when recommending projects or selling them to them, and they can rest assured to cooperate and interact with you.

5, don't neglect to let every business come to a beautiful end

All the work is done, your service with the customer is over, is it the end? Maybe that's the way most hairdressers handle it, but it turns out to be a huge mistake. In fact, the end of this business is the perfect time to create the next opportunity. Don't forget to give customers some suitable small gifts or some small free, discount coupons, and if the business benefits are really good, it is best to give customers a little unexpected benefit. Putting a nice end to every business brings you as much benefit as re-developing a new customer.

The reasons are as follows:

How hairdressing franchise stores maintain and after-sales customers

If your previous work is not yet hot and you can't move from a service relationship to a friend relationship, this is a good time to achieve this goal. If the previous cooperation may be unsatisfactory, this is a good remedy. Because most people think that since the service is done, then our relationship with the customer will naturally end, so for this unrequited final thanks, they will immediately elevate you from a business relationship to a friend relationship. Then the next time there is a need for hair, it will definitely not run and it will be yours.

6. Concessions in exchange for customer recognition

In the process of communicating with customers, some hairdressers think that they play the role of "attackers" in every communication: in order to achieve sales goals, step by step, constantly persuade customers to recognize the quality of items or services, accept the price of items or services, and so on. These hairdressers have clear sales goals and the courage to work hard to achieve them, but their methods to achieve them are not necessarily clever, at least not advocating that hairdressers persuade customers with single, "offensive" intentions.

In fact, many barbers intentionally or unintentionally use concessions in their marketing communications to satisfy customers. For example, making concessions on prices while guaranteeing profits, or offering compromises to solve problems based on the demands of both parties. If franchise strategies are properly used in salon sales communications, it will be conducive to optimistic management that satisfies the excess value of customer consumption, and to the goal of cultivating growth customers.