How to make the barber not upset

How to make the barber not upset
Dec 25, 2022admin

How to make the barber not upset

How a hairdresser keeps a barber from making a fuss

The hairdresser is the technical core of a store. What should a barber do when they are emotionally distressed? This article lists several main causes of emotional distress for barbers and analyzes them one by one.

Unfair distribution

In order to solve this problem, we must first find out whether there is "unfairness" in the distribution problem. If the distribution mechanism is reasonable and the rewards and punishments are clear, such problems generally do not occur. Because the store manager or boss is biased in some aspects, such as false performance statistics, some promises are not fulfilled in time, etc. If the cause is found, and then a fair and just solution is adopted, the emotional problems caused by unfair distribution will be easily solved.

In-store environment

How to make the barber not upset

When there are few customers, the beauty salon will be lonely and lifeless, which can make people depressed and restless. As long as one person laughs, you can break the dull atmosphere and make the whole beauty salon atmosphere relaxed and happy. The store manager should be a "happy angel" figure, who can adjust the atmosphere and liven the atmosphere, and always control and create a pleasant small environment in the courtyard. In this way, the hairdresser will be infected and the feeling of dissatisfaction or boredom will be much reduced.

Interpersonal relationships

Various conflicts between the store manager and the hairdresser, and between the hairdresser and the hairdresser, are also a cause of the hairdresser's trouble. This requires focusing on cultivating a broad mind, thinking more about each other's strengths and reflecting on one's own shortcomings. The store manager can conduct effective mediation, resolve conflicts between each other, and maintain the harmony and stability of the overall team.

How to make the barber not upset

Customer factors

In the process of serving customers, hairdressers are likely to encounter some grievances, inconvenient and direct theories with customers, but there is no place to vent grievances. The store manager can talk to him, listen carefully to the hairdresser's talk, and can also be the hairdresser's "punching bag". In this way, the hairdresser really feels the warmth, and the grievances or dissatisfaction disappear without a trace.

A person's influence is considerable. The barber boss must understand that the barber's mood is likely to affect the customer and affect the barber's work efficiency, so when dealing with the barber's mood problem, it is also necessary to distinguish the situation and deal with it properly.