How to find a location for a hairdresser

How to find a location for a hairdresser
Dec 25, 2022admin

How to find a location for a hairdresser

Management is both a science and an art. In practice, it is necessary to understand the art of management through practice and the application of management science. The theory and ideas of scientific management are applicable to any field, of course, but hair salons have their particularities, the most important thing is to highlight the importance of "people", the need for scientific management to flexibly use hair salons, and the particularity of combination.

First, the operation of hair salons should be accurately positioned: site selection and positioning

Industry insiders revealed that the general profit of hair salons is only 20%-30%, but the investment of hair salons can basically recover the investment in one year. According to the survey, the largest investment scale between 30,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan accounted for 27.1%, less than 20,000 yuan accounted for 25%, and 60,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan accounted for 21.4%. The investment of more than one million yuan accounted for only 2.9%. Therefore, choosing a location and determining the rating of a hairdresser is the first step to success.
Objectively speaking, positioning is not good or bad, but only for different times and different spaces to meet different consumers. As long as we can have the most loyal consumers in a certain market environment, it shows that the positioning is accurate and is the basis for business success.

Second, to take the road of brand management: enhance the intangible value of hair salons

Nowadays, enterprises cannot last long without brand management, and only after taking brand management can they achieve greater success in the future. Brand is the most special and valuable asset of an enterprise, and it is the collective name of all the advantages of an enterprise. To put it simply: the characteristics of the brand are that it sells more, sells fast, sells long, and sells expensively. The brand is manifested on the basis of a certain corporate culture. Brand competition is not a short-term quantity competition, but a long-term quality competition. Therefore, from the beginning, we should establish the idea of brand management, apply systematic, standardized and scientific management, and form a unique brand.

Third, to take the road of characteristic management: differentiated operation

Whether it is an enterprise or a store, the products or services provided must be unique, and there are few or no alternatives in the market, and it will be better developed. Such as unique environment and facilities, professional service personnel and management and service, high-tech computer system and information management, thoughtful VIP membership service, unique business model and business philosophy. It is not that we do what others do not or will not do, but what we do is more perfect, more intimate, more durable, more comfortable, and the same technology and service cannot be felt in other places, and we must always be committed to unique management.

Fourht. Reasonable and effective marketing strategy: improve performance and corporate image

Marketing is an important part of enterprise operation, and reasonable, targeted and effective marketing plays an indispensable role in improving performance and corporate image. It is necessary to regularly give guests, especially VIP customers, preferential treatment such as holidays (May Day, National Day, New Year's Day, etc.), and can also set unique days within the company for marketing such as VIP Day, store celebration, etc. At the same time, cooperate with TV stations, participate in hair shows and other forms to promote and enhance the corporate image.
In short, the management of hair salons and other industries has its inherent consistency, but also has its uniqueness, paying more attention to "people" and "detail", as long as full selection of people, good use of people, consistent fine management, such as strict implementation of "360 degrees" quality assessment system, the implementation of correct marketing strategies. Trust that your salon will definitely win the competition.