How is the promotion SP planned?

How is the promotion SP planned?
Dec 29, 2022admin

How is the promotion SP planned?

A good store management involves many aspects. All-round management is possible to achieve our desired results. And how to do a good job of promotional activities to attract more customers to the store experience, today teach you how to do a good job of promotions, attract customers to the store experience.

First of all, before talking about the design and execution of SP activities, it is necessary to understand what SP is. Many people confuse promotional activities with advertising, but SP is a short-term campaign that can achieve the purpose of promotion and increase performance in a short period of time, which is different from simple advertising. SP is a technical strategy to improve performance, not just to give guests a giveaway or to give a guest some kind of benefit.

The purpose of SP promotion can be divided into the following items:

How is the promotion SP planned?

(1) Changes in consumption level

Consumption level does not equal consumption power, and richer people have relatively high spending power. But regardless of the spending power of customers, they have a specific level of consumption. Consumption level is a habit, if you do not take the initiative to change it or improve it, the consumption level will be reduced, hairdressing shop customers may ask for discounts, discounts because they are familiar with the store, so improving the consumption level of customers is also a way to promote performance.

(2) Shorten the customer consumption cycle

Each customer has its own fixed consumption cycle, and shortening the consumption cycle can effectively improve performance. You don't have to attract new customers to help your performance. The so-called shortening of the consumption cycle is to increase the number of regular customers coming to the store, and customers who may have permed once every three months may find a way to make it perm once every two months, or once a month and a half. Customers who do hair care can change it from once a month to three times a month, and so on, which can increase the revenue of the store.

(3) Generate newcustomers

Attract customers to the store through promotional activities, so that customers can spend in the store permanently. If there are no new customers in the store, the number of regular customers will slowly decrease, so it is an important purpose to use various ways to attract customers into the door.

(4) Image enhancement

In the hairdressing shop, the image can be explained in two points, one is popularity, and the other refers to fame. Popularity is the degree to which the designer is assigned a service. Through promotion and word-of-mouth publicity, the name of designers in the store can be increased, and the publicity of the media during promotion can greatly enhance the popularity of the store.

How is the promotion SP planned?

(5) Motivate morale and create team spirit

The implementation of an activity must have the consensus and participation of all employees in the store. In the course of the event, all employees must have a consensus and full commitment to be successful, which helps to motivate employees, create team spirit, and increase in-store performance. In other words, the centripetal force that unites the staff in the store can be achieved through SP activities, and only with the participation of all employees can the intended purpose of SP activities be achieved.

(6) Improve employee skills

Through the implementation of activities, the purpose of improving employees' skills can be achieved. In the course of the event, store staff may need better eloquence to persuade customers, better technology to satisfy customers, more delicate service to win customer trust, and deeper expertise to build an image. With the implementation of SP activities, employees had to upgrade their capabilities to cope with the needs of on-site operations.

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