The "five senses and six senses" method of practical tricks for customers

The "five senses and six senses" method of practical tricks for customers
Dec 29, 2022admin

The "five senses and six senses" method of practical tricks for customers

For hairdressers, being good at retaining customers is also an art, as long as you meet the needs of customers and provide quality services, your customers will continue to flow. Today, we will give you tips on how to retain customers, gain customer satisfaction, and win customer loyalty.

1. Tricks to retain customers------ Five senses

Getting the respect of others is the demand of hairdressing shop customers. Our staff should maintain a good posture and smile from greetings when guests enter the store, sitting down, pouring water, consultation, hairdressing, etc. Don't look around when talking to guests, concentrate, and use different polite words according to the age of the guests, so that the guests always have a sense of respect. The problems raised by customers should be solved in a timely manner, and guests should not be left out of the cold.

2. Nobility
If you want to win customers, you must let customers feel superior. Regardless of the living situation of customers who come to the hairdressing shop, they must let customers experience high-quality service and satisfy their sense of superiority. The higher the decoration grade of the hairdressing shop, the more proud customers will come to this hairdressing shop, so store decoration is one of the magic weapons of hairdressing shop operation. On the other hand, employees must dress appropriately and neatly, and do not wear expensive jewelry, which can also set off the customer's sense of superiority from the side.
3.Sense of security
Professional hairdressing shops will provide a separate service place for VIPs, so that customers can feel safe and relax. We may wish to set up a part of the independent space in the hairdressing shop, where guests can release their own pressure without worrying about others knowing their privacy, and at the same time let customers know that our products are of high quality and safety.
4. comfort
Whether to retain customers, in addition to technology, products, services and other factors, another important factor is to make customers have a sense of comfort, which requires the hairdressing shop to ensure a spacious space in the store design, so as not to make customers feel oppressed.
5. Pleasure
People are happy when they are praised and affirmed by others, so our hairdressers must be good at conversation and learn to praise. A heartfelt word of praise can make people feel like a spring breeze and feel happy. Of course, praise should be measured, otherwise it will backfire.

2. Six Senses ------ Tricks

1. Vision
The moment a guest steps into a hairdressing parlor is very important. For new customers, whether they can stay and spend money depends on their impression of the hairdresser. Including indoor environment, atmosphere, item placement, hygiene status, image and quality of employees, etc.
2. hearing
The customer's need for the hairdressing shop is a dynamic and static environment, the music should not be noisy, choose soothing music. When the hairdresser speaks, in addition to using civilized and polite language, he should also pay attention to his own volume and try to use clear and soft language to make customers sound familiar.
Everything that the customer touches in the hairdressing shop directly affects his feelings, for example: when the customer enters the store, our practitioners should remind the customer if the water poured is too hot to drink immediately. Hairdressing services are a very meticulous job, and attention to detail is a must be taken into account. When guests come into contact with some items, the temperature must be appropriate (e.g. water temperature when shampooing, etc.); In addition, the amount of massage force when washing the hair should be consulted by the customer, and the strength that the customer is willing to accept should be appropriate.
4. Sense of smell
Hairdressing shops are also public places, there is a lot of people, and the towels, clothes, tools, etc. used by customers should be washed and disinfected frequently, and there should be no peculiar smell. The room should also keep the air circulating and the smell fresh.
5. taste
The current hair care is not simply on the surface of the hair, many items have hair care cooperation, and the hair quality changes are also related to his endocrine, that is, it is also related to his daily diet. These are all entry points to get closer to your customers, and they can also be used as a deepening of your recognition of you.

6. Perception
The sixth sense of the guest is also the subconscious of the customer, which is the synthesis of all feelings. Customers judge things through this awareness, and if we basically do what we said above, customers will decide that the service, environment, atmosphere, etc. of this hairdressing shop are suitable for themselves, and they can become a loyal hairdresser customer.
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